Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free Served in Restaurant and Supermarket?

is this corn tortilla gluten free? More and more people are asking are corn tortillas gluten free available in the market and restaurant nowadays. It is because more and more restaurants that once serve gluten free corn tortilla are adding wheat on their tortillas. Tortilla shouldn’t contain gluten because it is made from corn and it is the favorite and safe snack for people with celiac or having no tolerance to gluten. Corn tortilla with gluten cannot be said as the original corn tortilla because tortilla should be made from corn, not wheat and tortilla should not have wheat addition. However, there are so many restaurants that serve corn tortilla and adding wheat on it. Maybe it is because they want to create good texture and sweet taste on the tortilla.

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free Available in the Market

Are corn tortillas gluten free? We can still find wheat free corn tortilla in the supermarket and some restaurant. Some of the brands we can rely on to serve us gluten free corn tortilla foods are Chi-Chi’s Tortilla from ConAgra Food, Casa Mamita Taco Shells, Manny’s Authentic Corn Tortillas, Mission Foods, Ole Mexican Foods, Ortega, Que Pasa, Tamexico, WallMart Great Value Brand Taco Shells and some other organic brands. There are actually so many brands that serve wheat free corn tortilla, but now we have to be careful and choose the brand that has commitment to serve gluten free food only.

Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free can be Made in Home

If we find a difficulty on choosing the brands or restaurants that serve gluten free corn tortilla foods, then we can make it by ourselves. Making a tortilla can be very easy and the most important thing we have to do is choosing the right ingredients that are gluten free and keep the hygiene of tools. If we are making our own tortillas, then we can fully control the quality of the filling as well. The same thing goes for other foods like pizza which is very identical to high gluten flour. Are corn tortillas gluten free available in the market? Yes it is, but we have to be very careful because we have fewer choices then before.

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