Baking with High Gluten Flour

high-gluten-flour High gluten flour is baker’s favorite flour because it helps them a lot on the brad making, This flour is often called as bread flour or high-protein flour. If we want to get yeasty taste and great chewy texture, then the flour is highly recommended. Gluten is a kind of protein we can find in wheat the serves strength and elasticity in bread. Not only that, the gluten in the flour is also keeping the texture and shape of the bread so perfect. Therefore, no wonder if high gluten flour is often used in bakeries.

High Gluten Flour Content and Uses

High gluten flour is set in a specific formulation, so it leaves more protein. If the all purpose flour only have about 10g of protein per cup, then high gluten flour has about 14 g of protein per cup. Well, the high protein content is serving a great result for the bread. Dough with this flour is having higher rise and the best thing is that the gluten is able to keep the shape of the dough perfectly, so our bread won’t shrinking. The four is having potassium bromated or vitamin C and malted barley. These ingredients are the ones that has important role in bread elasticity and texture. The flour can be made into various high gluten flour recipe choices like pizza, but not recommended for pancakes, cakes, muffins, breads, and many others. When using high gluten flour, we are recommended to add more water because it absorbs a lot of water.

High Gluten Flour Substitute

If we don’t want to use the high gluten flour, the using the regular bread flour as high gluten flour substitute is recommended. We don’t have to worry that our bread won’t be as excellent as bread using high gluten flour because flour is not the only one that affects the quality of our bread. Therefore, if we have to cook for someone with celiac or sensitive to gluten, then gluten free four can be a good choice, the most important thing is the dough mix, timing and temperature, high gluten flour is not the only choice for bread.

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