The Simple Gluten Free Tortillas

gluten free tortillas Nothing is better than fresh home made tortilla and nothing is healthier than gluten free tortillas. Combining fresh tortillas with fresh fruits or veggies and meats will make tortilla the best snack or lunch without worrying about gluten. Making our own tortillas are actually so easy and not complicated, if we have children, we can also take them on the making process, so not only will they get fun experience, but also an education about healthy food. Here is the simple gluten free tortillas recipe we can use to serve our family a gluten free snack.

Gluten Free Tortillas Ingredients 

We will need about 175g of rice flour, 75g of potato starch flour, 25g of tapioca flour, two tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of salt, 250ml warm water, and one and a half xantahn gum. Flour is an important ingredient in gluten free tortillas and we have to remember to choose rice, potato or corn flour that has zero gluten. The common flour in the market are usually has gluten on it, so we have to be very careful. When we think that combining regular flour with rice flour will reduce the gluten, then we are completely wrong because even a small amount of gluten will give bad effect to people who are allergic to gluten.

Gluten Free Tortillas Making

The first thing we have to do is putting the entire ingredients in a big mixing bowl. Beat the ingredients until we get smooth dough. We can beat the ingredients manually, but for easier and faster process, we can mix it together with mixer or even food processor. Second, we can take the ingredient and divide it into eight part, then make each part to be a ball. Third, take the round dough and sprinkle it with rice flour and roll it until we get 10” diameter. Roll the tortilla, but make sure to sprinkle it with rice flour, so each of the dough won’t stick each other. Fourth, heat the oil and fry the dough. Making gluten free tortillas can be simple and fun, moreover on the filling, so make sure to work it with our children.

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