Red and White Wine: Which One is Gluten Free Wine

gluten-free-red-wine If we are about throwing a party or we are wine lovers, but need to work on our gluten diet, then gluten free wine will fulfill our passion on wine without hurting us. Gluten can be very dangerous for our health moreover if we often take unhealthy foods. Gluten is also highly related to celiac disease. Therefore, if we want to get healthier body without sacrificing our passion on wine, it had better for us to choose white or red wine gluten free.

The Secret of Gluten Free Wine

The common questions about wine and gluten are is wine gluten free? And how can we recognize a gluten free wine? As we all know, wine is made from grape and we cannot find gluten on grape. However, the problem is on the devices. During the processing the grapes are put inside a barrel. If the barrel is made from oak, then we can find some grains left in the barrel due to the barrel making. Therefore, the requirement for gluten free wine is on the sterilization of the barrel. Therefore, if the winemaker wants to make a gluten free wine, then he has to clean the barrel perfectly, so there is no grain left inside the barrel.

Is Red Wine Gluten Free Wine?

For wines that are made with stainless steel barrel, the wines are totally gluten free. Usually wines that are made with stainless steel barrels are white wine. Therefore, we can conclude that white wine is gluten free wine, but of course, not all of them are gluten free, so we are recommended to read the label or find info on the winemaker. If we have found the right brand for wine without gluten, then make sure to stick with the brand. To answer the question is red wine gluten free? Then there is no exact answer because we cannot determine whether white or red wine is gluten free wine without checking the processing method or reading the label.

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