Recommended Gluten Free Yogurt Brands

gluten free yogurt Yogurt is having a great role in our body from colon health to genital area health and yogurt can be so much more beneficial if it is gluten free yogurt. Whether we are like most people who are sensitive to gluten or we simply want to have a healthier life by having gluten free diet, then we have to start hunting for yogurt that is gluten free. Is yogurt gluten free? Not it is not, but we can find some brands that claim their products as gluten free yogurt.

The Recommended Gluten Free Yogurt Brands

There are some gluten free yogurt brands that we can consider to be our gluten free diet menu. The first brand is brown Cow. They claim that their yogurts are free of gluten. However, we should be careful on their grain and fruit yogurts. Even though they are serving gluten free yogurt, but it does not mean that all of their yogurts are gluten free. The second brand is Dannon. This brand is serving gluten free yogurt for their plain yogurt. Third is Mountain High. All Mountain High yogurts are gluten free. Fourth is Stoneyfield Farms. Fifth is all choices from Tillamook yogurts and last, but not least is all choices from Turtle mountains because all their yogurts are made from coconut milk.

Warning on gluten free yogurt

Yogurt is actually free from gluten, but it can be a gluten product if it is combined with additive product that has gluten. Therefore, the recommended yogurt is plain yogurt. If we don’t really enjoy the taste of plain yogurt, then we can combine it with some fruits, but be careful on choosing the fruits because some fruits are having gluten. Healthy yogurt is highly recommended to be given in early age because the effect of gluten can be quite damaging. Now that we have known which brands serve Gluten free yogurt and gluten free frozen yogurt we can start shopping without gambling with our choice.

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