Is Butter Gluten Free and Which Brands are Recommended?

gluten free butter One thing most people have in their mind when it comes to health is: is butter gluten free? Well, it is a common thing to worry about because many people are sensitive with gluten, some people have celiac disease and gluten is not good for overall health. Therefore, we are recommended to avoid gluten earlier before we face some problems because of gluten. Now the problem is on butter. We use butter for most foods, is this product free from gluten and if it is not, how can we find gluten free butter?

Is Butter Gluten Free?

Butter can be gluten free and it can contain gluten. Even though butter and its friend margarine are not made from grain that become the source of gluten, but we have to be very careful on the choosing because not all butters are free from gluten. We have to remember that not only is gluten can come from the major product, but also from the additive products and the making process, so we have to be more aware. If we need gluten free butter, then we are recommended to take plain butter. To answer is butter gluten free question, we won’t get exact answer. The safe and gluten free butter is plain butter. We can also choose organic butter from some brands that claim to serve gluten free butter.

What Brand Is Butter Gluten Free?

Well, actually not only one, but we can find several gluten free butter brands. The recommended brands are Smart Balance, Land of Lakes, Earth Balance Natural Spreads, Organic Valley and many others. The brands are promoting healthy life, so not only gluten free, but also some brands are also casein free. The taste of the gluten free margarine and butters is as good as the regular butter, so we can use it for all of our cooking needs. Therefore, is butter gluten free? Yes if we are choosing right brand or organic butter.

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