Are Corn Tortillas Gluten Free Food?

Are corn tortillas gluten free? Well, it should be free of gluten, but nowadays, corn tortilla is made from wheat as well, so we cannot say that all corn tortillas in the market are free from gluten. We have to be more selective on choosing the corn tortilla. One of the recommended bran is Mission Corn Tortilla. This brand can be bought on the supermarket or WalMart. In WalMart, we can find some gluten free corn tortilla brands with gluten free label, so we don’t have to worry that we cannot enjoy tasty yet healthy tortillas.

Are corn tortillas gluten free and How to Process It?

After we have understood that not all corn tortillas are gluten free and we are able to choose the right brand for corn tortilla, then the next thing to do is how to process the wheat free corn tortilla. Making a tasty corn tortilla is easy, we only need about 400g of corn flour, a tablespoon of cooking oil, a pinch of salt and about 3 cups of warm water. We just need to mix the oil, flour and salt in bowl, then add the warm water slowly. Mix it until it is firm. After that, we can start making the tortilla shape. Fry the tortilla in hot oil, then we can serve it with free gluten dipping.

The question Are corn tortillas gluten free? Is a common question because many people in our country, including children are having a high sensitivity to gluten and there are so many celiac cases can be found. Therefore, it is important for us to choose the corn tortilla carefully. If we want to eat outside, then we have to choose a restaurant that serves gluten free corn tortilla foods. It will be quite challenging, but it is not impossible to find such restaurant. Are corn tortillas gluten free? Yes, they can be gluten free.

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