Gluten Free Birthday Cake Chocolate Frosting

delicious gluten free birthday cake Looking for the gluten free birthday cake is one thing we should do for our celiac birthday kid. There are some bakeries that are serving gluten free birthday cake, but we are having limited choice and the price can be quite expensive. Therefore, to serve gluten free birthday cake without erasing the big smile from our kid, it had better for us to make a tasty homemade birthday cake. We should also make sure that the frosting is tasty and of course gluten free.

Gluten Free Birthday Cake Frosting Ingredients and Making

What is a gluten free birthday cake without a tasty frosting, so we are going to make is chocolate frosting. We will need two ounces of dark chocolate, make sure that the dark chocolate is unsweetened; we will also need a tablespoon of butter, 1/3 cup of milk, a tablespoon of vanilla and four cups of powdered sugar.

Making the frosting is so easy. First, take a large bowl and mix milk, butter, chocolate and melt it. We can melt the chocolate by using stove or microwave. If we are using microwave, then make sure to monitor it and stir it until it completely melt; while if you decided to use stove you have to be sure to use minimum level fire to avoid burning the chocolate instead.

After the ingredients have melted, then we can add vanilla and mix it, then add sugar slowly while we are beating the mix. Beat the mix until we get the level of consistency we want. You’re step closer to the final result and even the very beginner people will find it really easy and simple to create this frosting cake. Try it and good chance you’ll do it well even at your first try. With the simple frosting recipe, we can make our gluten free birthday cake so tasty.

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