Is Vitamin Water Zero Good for You or Is It Not?

is vitamin water zero good for you? Is vitamin water zero good for you or it is not might be a question you have in mind. What meant by zero here is of course zero calorie. Nowadays, there are so many brands of vitamin water can be found. In the past it seemed that there is no difference between vitamin water and diet soda because the amount of calorie found in both stuff are almost the same. In other words, it can actually be said that many vitamin water in the past contained too many sweetener, both the natural or unnatural one. Therefore many producers of vitamin water nowadays tend to make something more beneficial, which is no other but the zero calorie vitamin water.

Is Vitamin Water Zero Good for You or Bad for You?

Whether or not vitamin water zero is god for you actually depends on how you see it. It is quite hard to say whether this kind of drink, which is also considered to be healthy drink, is good or, on the contrary, bad. If you see it from the contents of this vitamin water zero, it is sure that this drink is good one. There are some substances needed by your body available in this kind of drink. Moreover, the fact that this drink is zero in calorie makes it to be better. In this case, it is reasonable that the question ‘is vitamin water zero good for you or not?’ is answered by ‘yes’.

On the other hand, the same question ‘is vitamin water zero really good for you?’ can also be answered by ‘no, it is not’. The reason is no other but because although this kind of drink is said to be made from natural source of vitamin and contains zero calorie, still the in the production process of it there are some chemical ingredients used. For example, there is some kind of preservative used to make the vitamin water to be consumable for a certain period of time. The answer for ‘is vitamin water zero good for you?’ is surely ‘no’.

Is Vitamin Water Zero Good for You in General?

To conclude all things stated previously about is vitamin water zero good for you, it can be said that in general, this kind of vitamin water is not that good for you, although it is made to be zero calorie. Some substances which are not natural used in the production of it make it to have less points than real vitamin can be obtained from natural sources can be found around us. If the question is ‘is vitamin water zero healthy?’ it is sure to be healthier for you to gain vitamin from fruits, vegetables, and some other food sources.

Sources of vitamin we found in nature are of course better than the one made by human. This fact will surely be the answer of is vitamin water zero good for you?

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